What kind of investor are you?

One of the key considerations when investing money is your investor profile.

Now, before you say “I’m not an investor”, ask yourself if you have funds in KiwiSaver, a Term Deposit or high-interest savings account, because that means you already are.

There are four aspects that make up your investor profile:

  • How long is the piece of string – what term do you want to invest for?
  • Gimme gimme gimme – are you looking for income or growth from your returns?
  • Cash out or cash up – what level of liquidity do you need, might you need to access your money easily?
  • Risky business – how do you feel about risk, and are you aware of the different levels of risk associated with different types of investments?

Answering these four simple questions can be the difference between an investment that meets your needs and goals, and one that falls short. 

Choosing how you invest your hard earned money is key, and not something you should ever do without sound industry advice. Whether it’s as simple as optimising your KiwiSaver to work for you, or building a diverse portfolio across world markets, our Financial Advisers are here to have that conversation with you.

Investing money is all about aligning your goals with how much risk you’re comfortable with. Talk to us today and together we’ll build an investment portfolio suited for you that grows and nurtures your future wealth – making your pennies multiply.

Time to talk to an investment expert?

For a no-obligation chat about making the investment choices that are right for you, enquire with us today.

Photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash

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