Our insurance brokers are aligned with multiple insurance suppliers, meaning we match you with the best policy for your circumstances, so you know you’re covered if you need to make a claim.

We all have to live with risk. Insurance offers peace of mind when there are accidents, natural disasters, sickness or anything else that significantly changes our quality of life. Having robust insurance means you and your family are protected during tough times. If we’re looking after your financial health, we’ll also manage your risk.

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Why choose us for insurance?

Domestic insurance

General insurance covers your assets, such as your home, contents, car and any other significant item. It protects you from incidents such as accidents, natural disasters and theft. If you’re a homeowner, you should always have general insurance, or you may be required to have it to secure a mortgage. Let us get you the best deal with the right cover.

Business insurance

Business insurance covers a wide range of potential risks. The common policies cover property and assets, theft, liability and business vehicles. There are other kinds of insurance for business interruption, breakdowns, and cyber crime. Our brokers will find the policies you need to make sure your business remains operational.

Life and health insurance

Personal insurance mitigates the risks associated with sickness, loss of income, death and personal liabilities. Common policies include income protection, medical insurance, life insurance, and disability and trauma insurance. There are many providers with different policies, so let us help you find the policy that best suits your circumstances.