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Our partnerships

Our partnerships are built on mutual trust and collaboration. While we don’t receive commission for the referrals we make, we believe in fostering strong relationships to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Some of our partnerships are listed below.

Workplace Wellness

The team at Workplace Wellness is your go-to expert for enhancing well-being in the workplace! They believe this isn’t just about ticking a box or adding a fruit bowl to your kitchen. It’s about harnessing the true potential that exists within your business through strategically re-energising your workplace culture.

With a blend of evidence-based strategies and creative ideas, they help businesses navigate the often-overwhelming information, and implement a wellbeing strategy that is aligned with the collective ambitions of the business.

As Financial Wellbeing is one of the important pillars for overall wellbeing, we have partnered with Workplace Wellbeing to support each others clients wherever is needed.

Perpetual Guardian

Our friends at Perpetual Guardian are experts in creating Wills. Research shows that Kiwis are most likely to set up a Will after a life-changing event. From getting married, to having your first child, or buying a house, these occasions often prompt us to think about the future. 

How do you make a Will and is it worth having? Perpetual Guardian can help you make an informed decision around protecting your future, now.

If you are a client of Cole Murray you are able to get a discount with Perpetual Guardian. Get in touch with your Financial Adviser to find out how.