What are your financial goals?

Do you know how to achieve them? 

Have you ever wished you could have made better decisions about money?

Why Cole Murray?

Welcome to Cole Murray, Hawke's Bay's home of all things financial.

From the moment you’re born, your Financial Life Journey begins. As life changes, so too does your financial picture. It’s a long and important journey, with bumps and curves along the way.

When your various financial pieces are with different providers, it can be daunting and confusing to determine the correct path. That’s where Cole Murray is different.

Mortgage calculator

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you can use our mortgage repayment calculator to work out the cost of your home loan repayments.

Remember, we’re financial specialists with access to all the banks and other lenders, so talk to us to get the best deal and rates on your home loan.

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Our company

As a full service financial company, we’re here to help you make good decisions about money and provide you with the financial services you need to support your lifestyle. We’re with you for life, helping you at every stage of your financial journey…

We’re different from other companies as we look at the big picture, not individual financial products

Pairing an understanding of how your money works for you with our financial expertise, allows us to optimise your financial health. It’s never too late to get started.

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