Don’t let the name Financial Adviser scare you

When you think of a Financial Adviser, you might picture someone helping rich folks manage their money. But guess what? Financial advisers are for everyone, not just the wealthy!

A Financial Adviser (also known as a Mortgage Broker, Insurance Broker or Wealth Adviser) is someone who is qualified to give financial advice. At Cole Murray we have Financial Advisers who specialise in:


  • Personal
  • Business


  •  Life & Health
  • Domestic (car, home and contents etc.)
  • Business and Commercial


  • KiwiSaver

There are many different times in life when speaking to a Financial Adviser would be beneficial, and remember, it is never too late.

Starting out

Are you just beginning your career journey? Maybe you’re fresh out of uni or starting your first job. A Financial Adviser can help you get insurance on the contents of your flat, set up your KiwiSaver so you can start saving for a deposit on your first home, or give you advice on how to reach your savings goals (like paying off your student loan or travelling on your OE).

Growing families

As your family grows, so do your financial responsibilities. Whether you’re saving for your children’s education, buying a home, or ensuring that you are protected should the worst happen. A Financial Adviser can help you set up some strategies to save, invest, and protect assets for you and your family’s future.

Life changes

Big life changes can throw your finances into a spin. Whether it’s a divorce, an injury or illness, a new baby, or inheriting money. Engaging with a Financial Adviser means they can help you prepare for these transitions, so if they do happen, you are hopefully in a better position to ride the wave with a bit more certainty.

Business owners

Running a business is tough, especially when it comes to money. A Mortgage Adviser can help you with accessing funding, planning for the future and achieving your business goals. An Insurance Adviser can give you guidance on how to protect your business from the unexpected. There is no one size fits all when it comes to giving advice. Every situation is unique, and this is why talking to a Financial Adviser gets the right solution for you.

Getting ready for retirement

Retirement might seem far off, but it’s never too early to start planning. A KiwiSaver Adviser can help you save for retirement by helping you choose the right provider and the right investment fund for you. Once you get to retirement age, their job isn’t finished. They are by your side to work out the best way to make your precious savings last the rest of your lifetime.


Don’t think Financial Advisers are only for the rich. Anyone who wants clarity, confidence, and control over their financial future can benefit from working with a Financial Adviser. Whether it’s buying a property, boosting investment strategies, or preparing for unexpected events, our qualified Financial Advisers at Cole Murray can provide the guidance and support needed to handle the twists and turns of personal or business finance.


  • Choosing a provider for your mortgage, insurance and investment needs can be time consuming. Our Financial Advisers know the providers, their criteria, and what they specialise in.
  • If a provider has said ‘no,’ an Adviser can present some other options or work with you so you are in a better position to get a ‘yes.’
  • Financial Advisers don’t work for the providers. They work for you and negotiate with the provider on your behalf to get the best solution for your situation.


  • Most people who work for the providers (like bank employees) are limited in the range of products they can give you advice on. Our qualified Financial Advisers are able to give you a full scope of advice, and they have your best interest at heart.
  • We look at your short and long-term goals then give advice for your unique circumstances and challenges, while highlighting any risks involved.
  • Our qualified Financial Advisers are experts in their field. They must remain accredited with providers and ensure that they are up-to-date with what is happening in the industry.


  • We are with you for the long haul. Long after the ink dries, our door is always open to you.
  • Cole Murray also offers other advice services for mortgages, insurance and investments. Your Financial Adviser will be able to introduce you to these experts if you require them.
  • Our Advisers can recommend specialists in other fields such as lawyers, accountants and valuers. They also have connections with people who can help you write your Will.
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto 

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