Cole Murray Supports Future Leaders

Outward Bound Scholarship

Something close to our hearts at Cole Murray is helping to support and nurture our future leaders.  Each year we provide funding for a selected student from Karamu High School to attend a 21 day Outward Bound course in Anakiwa (just out of Picton).  This January we sponsored Bongani Sikupa and we’ve just received a copy of his overview of his time on the course.  What an amazing experience! One that’s clearly changed Bongani’s life.

We’re very proud to hear that he has been selected as a Sports Leader this year and that his teachers have commented on the change in his confidence since attending this course.  

“Outward Bound is a course that’s designed to push you to the limit during activities which are all physically, mentally and emotionally challenging….My aims and goals on Outward Bound were to develop my leadership skills and become more confident in public speaking.  I was eager to challenge myself, so I made the most of these opportunities as they arose, whether it was leading the team in a tramping expedition in unmarked terrain or welcoming everyone at Outward Bound to breakfast or dinner”.

Congratulations Bongani on your completion of this course and for taking up the challenge!  

Bongani Sikupa

If you know of a student at Karamu High School who you believe would benefit from this opportunity, please contact Deputy Principal Wayne Wooster at the school to find out more information.

Click here Report-from-Bongani-April-15.pdf to read Bongani’s full report on his experience and adventures at Outward Bound.