Keep your financial life in your pocket with the new Booster app

Imagine being able to monitor your total financial life from a single dashboard – including your KiwiSaver scheme, bank accounts, savings, debts, shares, property and other investments.

With the recent launch of its mobile app, Booster NZ has taken its customers’ relationship with money to a whole new level, enabling them to keep track of their finances in real time, and check how they’re performing. It’s safe to say, the new Booster app provides a financial snapshot at Kiwis’ fingertips. 

Staying on top of financial affairs is important, but it can also be time-consuming and hard to fit in our busy lives. 

Take KiwiSaver, for example. According to the Inland Revenue, almost half of Kiwis recently polled know about of the $521 government contribution, and may be missing out on free money that could help them build a sound retirement income. Another interesting example, the Financial Markets Authority recently found that only 61 percent of KiwiSaver members invested in bonds knew the interest rate they were getting.

What does the app do?

Booster’s new mobile application allows its members to find out how their KiwiSaver account is doing, including the government contribution they’re entitled to. But it doesn’t end there. With a simple tap, you can get insight into your:

  • Assets (savings, bank accounts, KiwiSaver, etc.)
  • Debts (loans, mortgages, credit cards etc.)
  • Total wealth – how much you own vs. how much you owe – to instantly give you an overview of how you are tracking

The app is clever enough to link in with all the major banks, so that you can get a snapshot of your bank account and loan balances in the one place.

Taking control of your total financial picture

Thinking and understanding your total financial picture is a key step to improving your future prospects and wellbeing. How long has it been since you’ve asked yourself:

  • If you have a mortgage, how much do you currently owe the bank? 
  • What’s your shares’ value? 
  • What about your bank account?

The bottom line is, everyone can benefit from having a good level of control over their finances, and on this note, the new Booster app does a great job of putting together relevant, up-to-the-minute information and bundling it all up in a unique, visually enticing and easy-to-use dashboard.

Are you a Booster client? 

Download the app here:

If you’re interested in learning more about managing your total financial picture, or if you’re considering Booster as a provider, talk to one of our experienced KiwiSaver Advisers today.

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