Get your house sale-ready in five steps

Spring is officially here and, as tradition goes, this season is the best time to sell a house. But how can you make sure your home truly shows off all of its features?

As a would-be seller, you can take a few steps to win buyers’ hearts and maximise the potential of your property.

Here are our tips to get your house sale-ready in five steps:

1. First impressions count

Stand across the street and look at your property from a prospective buyer’s point of view. How can you make sure your house is set t impress? What do you notice when inspecting a property? A good rule of thumb is, start from the outside – it’s the first thing they will see. Remove distracting items from the driveway, including cars, tools or garbage bins. If you have a garden, ensure that it is neat and tidy. And don’t forget to clean the windows. You can also add a little extra touch by placing a doormat, plants or flowers by the front door.

2. Free up as much space as possible

An ‘open home’ is your one-off chance to impress buyers. It also gives them an opportunity to wander around, ask questions and imagine themselves not just owning a property, but living in it. That’s why you may need to keep your furniture, ornaments and everyday household items to a minimum, and pack away the rest. You can either neatly stack those boxes in the garage, or rent a storage unit and move out all non-essentials.

3. A clean house shows you care

The sooner you start tidying up, the better. A clean, well-presented house can be the difference between a property that sits on the market for months, and one that sells within days. When you clean up, pay attention to every detail, including windows, floors, baseboards, closets and appliances. Then, the final touch – include freshly cut flowers, scented candles or a bowl of seasonal fruit in the kitchen. Not only these can brighten a dull room, but they also mask household odours better than air fresheners.

4. Prepare to repair

A thorough inspection will also help you avoid unwanted surprises down the track. First and foremost, check walls and ceilings. Fix all nail holes and other damage, then – if possible – paint all walls in neutral colours.
Give flooring a refresh as well. Mop hardwoods and remove carpet stains, and don’t hesitate to remove and replace anything that’s beyond repair.
But remember, unless you’re selling a ‘renovator’s delight’, it’s better not to leave any projects unfinished before putting the house up for sale.

5. Know what’s out there

Maybe an obvious one, but taking a good look at what the market has to offer will help you set your expectations right. Look at similar properties listed or sold, and go to open homes and auctions to feel the pulse of real estate. This may also give you the opportunity to meet with sales agents, see how they engage with buyers, and find one who matches your needs and style.

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