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Be a Financial Adult | Video #1

It's difficult making adult decisions! Just like going to the pantry for one more choccie biscuit, it's very easy to fall off the wagon.

But fear not, because if you're in this position it's actually very easy to get back on track.

Here's how to do a u-turn with your short-term debt.

Plan to u-turn your short-term debt

  1. Work out everything you owe (you can use this Excel spreadsheet)
  2. Can you afford to pay more? If there's something you can do without for a while, then channel this money straight on the debt - smashing it away that much faster
  3. Concentrate your efforts on repaying the debt with the highest % interest rate first, and see if debt consolidation makes sense for your situation
  4. Stop over-spending - now! Cut those cards up, and focus purely on reducing balances and living within your means. 
  5. Stay positive - by taking these steps know that you will pay off your debt, there is light at the end of the tunnel
  6. Ask our financial advisers for creative ways to reduce your debt even faster (they have experience to help you explore options beyond the obvious, and give you help adding it all up and prioritising the steps to get you to your goals faster and with lower costs)

We can help you put things into perspective and make a realistic plan that you can stick to, without feeling too deprived of your lifestyle. 

Your next step to debt freedom?

We recommend a free 30 min "debt check" from a Financial Planner. From there you can get an idea of where you're heading and what help is available to you.

Book a call with a Financial Planner

There's no obligation to work with us, and if you don't need our services we'll say so.


Credit: With massive gratitude to our wonderful "actor" Ian Fraser for showing off his gym gear!

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