Heading somewhere warm? Our top travel insurance tips

Make sure mishaps or medical needs don’t take the glow out of your holiday tan, by getting your Travel Insurance sorted before you go. 

Here are some helpful tips to achieve peace of mind wherever you are headed.

Get your cover early

Travel Insurance doesn’t just cover you for mishaps on your holiday. If your travel plans have to change due to unforeseen circumstances, the costs of the changes (or lost deposits) are covered under your policy.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get your Travel Insurance at the same time you pay for tickets.

Disclose pre-existing conditions

Most policies either don’t cover pre-existing conditions or will only do so for an extra premium. Having said this, declaring everything to the Insurance provider is always the right way to go – you may find a claim is declined due to non-disclosure, potentially leaving you facing a large medical bill.

Even if it is a simple broken arm – declare everything to the Insurance provider, so you can have peace of mind about what you are covered for.

Select an excess carefully

Some policies offer a range of excesses, and examining these options can be a good way to save a few dollars on your Travel Insurance premium. However, keep in mind that it’s not always worth selecting a higher excess.

Talk to us about different excess options and how they can help your budget.

Know what you are covered for

If you are planning on an adventure holiday, you might want to check what your policy actually covers you for. Many policies exclude ‘high-risk’ or extreme activities, such as running with the bulls or ski-diving. Even some moderate activities such as scuba-diving may be excluded.

Before you take the leap – check your policy wording, or better still, talk to us about your holiday plans so we can help you get the right cover for your needs.

Know your limits

Medical costs overseas can be exorbitant – so make sure you know the limits on medical cover before you travel. This way you’ll return home with loads of photos and videos, rather than a massive bill.

It’s not just medical cover though; most policies will only pay a certain amount for items such as jewellery, luggage and electronics. If you have an item over the limit, you can buy extra cover – but you need to tell the Insurance provider.

Enjoy and take care

Lastly – have a great time. With Travel Insurance, you get peace of mind on your holiday, knowing that if something goes wrong, it’s unlikely to put you out of pocket too much.

If you’re ready to book your holiday, why not talk to the team at Cole Murray about your Travel Insurance cover

An Adviser Disclosure Statement is available free and upon request.

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