What type of investor are you?

This is a short questionnaire to help your adviser make a recommendation for your investment portfolio.

It is designed to help you understand your attitude towards risk and determine your capacity for uncertainty in the markets. It is a guide only.

Please take your time to understand each question and provide realistic and honest answers. Tick the box that most applies to you. 

Investor profiler
What are you investing for?

Question 1: Investment Timeframe

When do you think you will spend the majority of these funds?
(Choose one)

Question 2: Investment Objective

The focus for this investment is:
(Choose one)

Question 3: Investment Experience

What kinds of investing have you done before?
(Choose one)
As an investor I consider myself:
(Choose one)
When facing a major decision, I think most about:
(Choose one)

Question 4: Investment expectations

Over time I hope to achieve returns that
(Choose one)

Question 5: Investment volatility and tolerance

In any 12 month period, my bottom line for investment returns is:
(Choose one)

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