What type of investor are you?

This is a short questionnaire to help your adviser make a recommendation for your KiwiSaver.

It is designed to help you understand your attitude towards risk and determine your capacity for uncertainty in the markets. It is a guide only.

Please take your time to understand each question and provide realistic and honest answers. Tick the box that most applies to you. 

KiwiSaver Risk profile
When do you plan to make a significant lump sum withdrawal from your KiwiSaver account, for example, for the purchase of a first home or for retirement needs? (from age 65 at the earliest)
(Choose one)
First priority
Second priority
Third priority
Fourth priority
How do you feel about balancing risk and return?
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What is your attitude towards the balance of your KiwiSaver?
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The following graph shows the results of five hypothetical funds over a one-year period. The green bars show the potential returns, and the orange bars show the potential loss each fund could experience. (Note: the fund with the best potential return also has the largest potential loss). Which fund would you feel most comfortable with?
You have an investment balance of $10,000. If your balance dropped in value in one year, how are you likely to feel?
(Choose one)
Over which timeframe are you likely to check the performance of your KiwiSaver fund?
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