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I joined Cole Murray in 2018 to help our clients keep on top of their KiwiSaver accounts. Cole Murray lured me away from the banking world after 13 years (since high school!) at one of the major banks. I have strong experience in customer service roles within the bank, across a broad range of financial products including, Credit Cards, Term Investments and KiwiSaver.

On a personal note, I am passionate about travel (Covid permitting) and getting the chance for my family to experience different cultures around the world. I enjoy the challenge of balancing lifestyle and career goals, and when I deal with my clients I can empathise with anyone juggling multiple priorities!

Here are some words I was humbled to receive from a client:

“Kia Ora, I would like to say thank you so much and especially a big thank you to Hayley for the work she has done in assisting to get the funds back. The advice she has given me in investing my money with Booster and how best to see it working for me has been really appreciated. Once again a big thank you.”

– Debbie

At Cole Murray I am enjoying focusing on KiwiSaver and Investments, with regular client contact and reviews. I am highly passionate about great customer service, and for me it’s all about having good ongoing relationships with my clients and referring them on to the right people when needed.

Ask me for a complimentary KiwiSaver review, and check that your KiwiSaver account is working for you.