What are your business priorities for 2024?

To say that it has been a tough few years for small businesses around New Zealand is an understatement. And unfortunately, it is likely to get harder. High inflation, rising operating costs, Cyclone Gabrielle, talent shortages, and an uncertainty for what the future will bring.  

But as Kiwi’s we won’t let this knock us back. 

Having a strong understanding of financial literacy and good attitudes about business finance is essential during these times. This enables you to make informed decisions about how you run your business for the better.

To ask for help doesn’t mean that you are failing. Speaking to a Mortgage Adviser at Cole Murray Financial Advisers could be a great start. Usually when you think about a mortgage, you think of personal homes, when in fact our experienced Advisers can also give you trusted advice and support for your business.

How we help small businesses:

  • Provide advice so you can access additional funds to help with cashflow.
  • Safeguard from potential risks.
  • Support and education on policy and regulation changes.
  • Guidance on different funding options available.
  • Give advice if you want to purchase or expand your business.
  • Offer guidance on your personal and business finances.
  • Help you establish best practices for managing your finances. 

Whether it is keeping the doors open when cashflow isn’t consistent, trying to expand your offering to make it more relevant in an everchanging environment, or having a great idea that you know your community will benefit from, but need the funds to start this game changer. Our Advisers are here to help.

With new specialist alternative lenders making it easier for small businesses to access finance, particularly ones still in their infancy, now is a great time to explore your options.

So, if you are a small business owner and feeling all the feelings about your finances, please give us a call. We have experienced Financial Advisers who can provide you with valuable external support.

Get in financial control and Let’s make 2024 the year your business achieves it’s goals and priorities. 

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