Six reasons you can’t afford to leave your insurance policy in the drawer!

When did you last review your insurance policies? Come on, be honest!

When you are time-poor it can seem all too difficult to even start thinking about reviewing your insurance. A visit from the big and scary insurance adviser? No thanks!

Another common misconception we come across is that an insurance review will always cost you more. Not so.

 Here are six reasons you should review your insurance (now!):

  1. We see new products come on the market every week. With new products comes cover for more conditions in life. Take trauma insurance policies for example – most of the old ones cover around 38 conditions, but the new ones have up to 62 conditions covered.
  2. Your insurance needs to be optimised for you & your budget. Our advisers will work to find the best policy you can have for what you want, and what you can afford.
  3. Your life doesn’t sit still, neither should your policy. That cover you took out three years ago, what’s happened in your life since then? Marriage? Divorce? Kids? House? University? New business? Retired? Income changed? Lost someone close? The reasons are as vast as our lives.
  4. A review is easy, and happens on your terms. Our mobile insurance brokers enjoy getting about so much that they can come to you if you wish!
  5. Knowledge is power. Most people we come across find they have many policies and are unsure what they all are, or what they cover. Is this you?
  6. We care what happens to you. Truly. Our advisers take your personal situation to heart, and they don’t want you without cover in your time in need. The worst time to find out you are not covered is claim time, which makes now the best time, right?

Still think you’ve got the cover you need? We recommend reviewing your insurance annually, and our advisers are here to help you stay on track. 

Make your appointment to review today.

We’ll even dig the insurance policy out of the drawer for you!

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