Self-employed at tax time: How to strip the ACC levies

As March 31 ticks over those who are self-employed (including one-man-band contractors) will inevitably receive the annual invoice for ACC levies.

It’s that painful invoice that is so often assumed as a given – after all you have to pay it, right? 

What many people may not realise is that you may not have to pay ALL of it – based on how you structure it. Have you ever taken the time to truly look at this outgoing and ask yourself if you’re getting the best deal? Or if you have, how long since you last reviewed it?

As Insurance Advisers this is where we love to jump in. Re-structuring your ACC levies, while complex, can result in significant gains for your business.

Remember: ACC is just accident cover, so without Income Protection insurance you are exposed to loss of income from illness. Could you and your family survive financially if you lost your income?

How restructuring your ACC levies can help your business

We can crunch the numbers with you after tax time, and find where the opportunities might exist within your business to deliver:

  • More than just accident cover – building a stronger form of income protection into your business to cover you for accident and illness
  • Reductions in the amount you’re paying in levies and/or premiums in many cases
  • We have access to insurance companies that don’t offset against ACC, which means you can get better coverage from your income protection plan when you really need it
  • A smart solution for managing the risk in your business

This can be a really great exercise to go through, and with the help of an adviser is actually quite painless.

We’ll make an appointment to come and see you at a time that works for you.

For a no-obligation review of your ACC levies and business risk, email us or phone 06 870 7050.

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