Let’s not struggle this year! Here’s goal setting made easy.

Many of us find we go from year to year without stopping to plan for our wishlist, then get disappointed when sometimes those things don’t pan out. This year we’ve built you an easy monthly goal setting planner for everything you want to achieve – so that next year can be a whole lot easier than the last!

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, only that you stop and think about them enough to write them down! Being organised ahead of time will ensure you have the best chance of success – whether your goal be to run a marathon, get on top of the bills, or take a much-deserved break.

So starting thinking – “What’s on my wishlist for this year”?

Get the family involved – it will make it fun!

If you’re lucky enough to have a family of your own, it can be really fun to gather the kids round and ask them what their goals are for this year too. Bringing them into what is often an adult conversation can open the door to ideas you never thought of, and give them a chance to have some input into what you do as a family. Once you’ve whittled out the unicorn and the trip to Mars, you’ll also be teaching them some awesome life skills around money and goal attainment.

Download and print your goal setting planner

It includes ideas to get you started, and space to fill in the small goals you’d like to achieve this year, and sets you thinking about the bigger goals you’d like to achieve in future years. 

Taking a few minutes to do this will really help you manage this year a whole lot better!


Many of the goals in life end up requiring money to achieve. This is where we come in as Financial Planners – to help you structure your finances in the optimal way that suits you, to reduce debt quicker and achieve your goals faster. We love doing it and would love to talk to you about helping to make your goals happen. You can learn more about our Financial Planning service here, or feel free to contact me directly

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