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Cole Murray launches Hawke’s Bay’s first complete financial planning service!

Hawke’s Bay’s first complete financial planning service has been launched by Cole Murray, providing Kiwis with a ‘fiscal compass’ to increase their financial literacy.

The service is aimed at all people, regardless of their stage of life and focuses is on all aspects of a person’s financial journey. From just starting out, or getting ready to retire. We look at the full picture rather than one area like a bank or an investment company does.

This includes all pieces of the financial puzzle:

A challenge Kiwis are finding today is that there is no form of financial education available. We have generations of people who have financial goals and dreams, but no way of knowing how to get there.

The banks and financial companies are providing easy access to credit cards to satisfy people’s ‘got to have it now’ mentality. If we knew how to plan for these items, our financial picture would look alot better. The importance of planning in all aspects of their financial life is often overlooked.

This new offering is a first for Hawke’s Bay and is expected to be popular, due to people increasing their financial literacy, which will be highlighted during Money Week, being held in early September.

“We want to make finances easy and enjoyable. We want to encourage people to take stock, through creating a plan, to know their financial goals are within their reach.  It’s about giving people advice and confidence to plan their financial future no matter what part of the journey they’re on.”

Keen to get your own plan happening?

Talk to our Financial Advisers today about reviewing your total financial picture and getting a plan to ensure your goals are achieved.

Photo by Krivec Ales

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