Got a plan? The strategy to make us all better money managers

The Commission for Financial Capability has released a national plan to create more financially capable kiwis.

Financial management for all!

It’s something that we can all be a part of, so we wanted to explain what the commission’s initiative is all about.

The plan aims to create a cultural shift on five fronts:

  • Making money easy to talk about
  • Creating a culture of lifetime money education
  • Making it normal for everyone to have a money plan
  • Creating a debt-smart populace
  • Having each New Zealander saving

You can read the full article from here.

Regardless of varying opinions on the current government, we think these goals are really important for all New Zealanders and very achievable in our everyday lives. Certainly, taking charge of your financial picture is for everyone, not just the few.

At Cole Murray, finding out where you want your financial journey to take you and helping you get there is what we’re about. By taking advantage of our personalised financial planning service, our experienced Financial Adviser Hayley O’Brien will tailor a plan to suit your needs, both now and in the future.

If you’ve been meaning to put in place a plan for a while but don’t know how to get started, let’s have a chat.

Adapted from an article published by Rob Stock on, 7th July 2015. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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