Don’t miss out! $521 reasons to pay your KiwiSaver by June 30 (and here’s how)

If you aren’t making regular KiwiSaver contributions, ensure you receive the maximum $521.43 this financial year.

Free money from the government? It’s a no brainer. But if you are self-employed, on a contributions holiday or simply contributing less than $20 per week into your KiwiSaver, you might not be getting it – or as much as you could be.

If you wish to receive the maximum Government contribution of $521.43 this year you will need to have made a total deposit of $1042.86 into your KiwiSaver account by 30 June.

If any of our Cole Murray clients need advice on how to do this, either get in touch or simply follow the instructions below.

How to contribute to your KiwiSaver account:

1.  Log into your online banking and search under payees for your KiwiSaver provider i.e Booster KiwiSaver, ANZ KiwiSaver or Milford KiwiSaver. They are already pre-registered with most banks as a payee, therefore the required fields will pre-populate.

2.  You will need your KiwiSaver member number / investor number to ensure the money goes to the correct account.

3.  Next, you can either make a one-off lump sum payment each year or you can choose to set up a regular Automatic Payment. You need to pay a minimum of $20.06/per week over the course of a year to ensure you get the maximum government contribution.

If you encounter any problems, or have any queries relating to your KiwiSaver, contact our KiwiSaver Advisers by email or phone 06 870 7050.

Happy saving!

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