Client story: Chipmunks indoor playground comes to Hawke’s Bay

Jason and Amanda Long with Steve Davies at the entrance to the new Chipmunks Playland. Steve helped the couple secure a business loan that worked for them and their situation.

Chipmunks indoor playground has arrived in Hawke’s Bay! Parents and caregivers are rejoicing. It is all thanks to, long-time Cole Murray clients, Amanda and Jason Long.

Cole Murray takes pride in nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients and actively contributing to their success. Helping Amanda and Jason with their business loan was really important to us.

We also love our region and supporting the entrepreneurs who live here. It excites us to see how they are continuously building and shaping Hawke’s Bay for our future generations.

Amanda and Jason’s story

In the height of Covid, all the great business ideas were born. Amanda and Jason started looking into business opportunities while in lock down. For a few years prior, they had been thinking Hawke’s Bay needed more indoor entertainment. As parents of three active children, they often found these activities were incredibly limited. So, when they saw Chipmunks were advertising for a Hawke’s Bay franchisee, they jumped at the prospect.

Having a strong existing relationship with Cole Murray, Amanda and Jason chose to turn to Steve Davies, their Mortgage Adviser, for advice on how to get a business loan that would suit them and their situation.

His previous dealings with them had gained their trust, and they liked Cole Murray’s commitment to supporting local businesses.

Steve says, “I was really excited by this opportunity. I had helped Amanda with the purchase of her house when she returned from overseas. So when they came to me about their new business, I was thrilled for Amanda and Jason.”

“The journey has been a real roller-coaster, but we couldn’t have done it without Steve. His expertise and advice has been absolutely crucial in getting the business off the ground. We are so thankful for all his help.”

The process of the business loan began straight away, but they needed to find a location before they could get an approval. After a lot of searching, they finally found the perfect location for Chipmunks. The Crossing on Taradale Road, a brand new trade centre in Napier. It was ideal.

From there they had their loan approved, which marked a significant milestone for Chipmunks. Now they had funds to invest in the necessary resources to get the business off the ground. This began with designing the fitout of the playground and cafe, purchasing the specialist equipment from overseas, applying for consents through local councils and hiring local businesses to create the space  for Hawke’s Bay children to enjoy safely. They have hired a brilliant team of staff from the local community to ensure the business is run effectively and safely.

Steve worked closely with the bank throughout the entire process to guarantee the distribution of the funds met the banks conditions. Having Steve concentrating on this aspect meant Amanda and Jason were able to focus on everything else that was needed to get Chipmunks open for business.

Each loan of this nature needs a tailored process to ensure the bank is satisfied. By doing this, it meant the benefits were mutual for Amanda and Jason, the bank and also the new business.  Every step of the way was supported by Steve with the backing of his team at Cole Murray.

We are so pleased for Amanda and Jason and look forward to seeing them grow their business, knowing that we played a part in their success story.

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