3 signs you need an Investment Adviser

Although there is nothing wrong with investing money yourself, many people lack the information or access to a diverse range of products to do it effectively.

Others simply don’t know where to start! An Investment Adviser can work with you to create personalised investment and wealth generation solutions.

So, what are some of the signs you should be seeking the services of an Investment Adviser to invest your money?

All your money is in the bank.

New Zealanders have traditionally utilised a limited range of investments, the favourites being term deposits and residential property. The banks in New Zealand hold huge market share and provide a range of products, but are you getting genuine personalised service with access to an Financial Adviser?

If you have most of your money sitting in a savings account or term deposits you will have seen decreasing returns for several years. One of the key pillars of sound investment is diversification. An investment adviser will provide you with a much wider range of products and access to different asset classes so that you don’t have to solely rely on one decreasing source of income.

You’ve just received a lump sum of cash and are struggling to decide how best to invest it.

You may have just sold a business, rental house or farm, had an insurance policy mature or received an inheritance – but what next? Receiving money in a lump sum like this may sound like a wonderful thing, however it can be a source of stress and concern for many as they worry about what to do with it or worse rapidly find themselves spending it all. This is exactly when you should contact an Investment Adviser, they can meet with you and discuss exactly what you want to achieve with the funds and present you with a range of options.

A structured plan can be put in place to make sure the funds continue to benefit you and your family for years to come and the stress of deciding what to do is removed. Read our five pearls of wisdom on what do do with a windfall here. 

You’re successful in your own field but don’t know where to start when it comes to investing the fruits of your labour. 

We all have certain areas where we excel, however dealing with money and investments can be rather daunting for many of us. Unfortunately there are lots of people who are very successful in their careers but they don’t have good money skills. They find they are left with minimal assets when it comes time to retire. Engaging the services of an Investment Adviser early in your career can mean financially you are working smarter not harder, and you don’t necessarily need to start out with a big lump sum.

One of the biggest assets you have when it comes to investing is time. The sooner you start the bigger the pot will be at retirement. Getting a structured plan in place early with your financial goals defined can set you on the path toward a comfortable retirement. This leaves you to concentrate on your own specialist area knowing your hard work will literally pay dividends for years to come. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, give us a call! Our meetings are completely obligation free and we will provide honest information specific to your scenario, explaining exactly how we can assist you. 

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

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