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Olivia Baxter

Olivia Baxter


Olivia is the welcoming face behind the front desk when you arrive at the office, and in addition to that she provides admin support to our ever-growing team. Her passion is people and what makes them tick, and she always strives to solidify relationships with our clients by making them feel welcomed and valued. Since day one she has been actively involved with our internal database and website to help ensure that these portals are easy to navigate and beneficial for clients.

Olivia will soon be buying her first home, and has so far been overwhelmed by the attitudes and helpfulness of the staff and the scope of advice she has received. She understands that this can sometimes be a daunting process, yet she has seen first-hand the benefits of seeking professional advice with Cole Murray, and would definitely recommend this process to anybody in her situation.

Olivia epitomises the pragmatic, down-to-earth approach taken by Cole Murray when dealing with clients; she values integrity and authenticity and is not afraid to let her personality or idiosyncrasies be seen. A Game of Thrones addict and avid consumer of garlic bread, she believes that sometimes a little bit of weirdness is the way to go. She strongly believes that without our differences, our world would be a far duller place.

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